Who We Are

We are certified Master Practitioners of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  We use our understanding of how people think to help our clients discover things they didn’t know about themselves.  If you ever find yourself feeling helpless, hopeless, or not good enough we’d like to talk to you.  We can show you how to move beyond that stuck feeling and take command of your own life.

Jeff by Owen

Jeff Daniel

After a career in project management and business consulting, Jeff realized that systems, frameworks, and processes were all merely a mask put over human interactions.  After years of study on psychology and emotional intelligence, Jeff found NLP Marin.  Impressed by both the insight and utility of the NLP Marin practices, Jeff has expanded his client base to include both business teams and individuals



Jessica Moller

Jessica has a background in the performing arts and has been a solo entrepreneur for over five years.   Jessica understands the pressures on small business people who are always on stage.  In addition to her NLP Master Practioner certification, Jessica has a rare ability to quickly connect people with their emotional core.  This enables her clients to find the strength and courage to work through whatever has been holding them back.


Adaptive Choice recommends NLP Marin

Everyone at Adaptive Choice has graduated from an organization called NLP Marin. NLP Marin is a team of instructors based in Marin County California.  Their approach to NLP is so different they have coined the term Marin-style NLP.   What differentiates them is their devotion to respecting the client and the client’s experience.  With over 50 years of collective practice, the instructors are able to integrate their vast experience and unparalleled expertise into a fantastic learning experience for their students.   If you have any interest in learning about how people work in the world, and how they become who they are, we unreservedly recommend taking any of the course offered at www.nlpmarin.com