How do you describe yourself?

A New York Magazine article encourages us to not define ourselves by our faults, but by what makes us happy Why am I so Lazy?  Consider the words you use to describe yourself.  Are they critical or appreciative?  Are they labels you’ve heard friends use to describe you or are you your worst enemy?  If you don’t find yourself readily describing yourself in terms you are proud of we should have a talk about just where these criticisms come from.

Antidepresants aren’t enough

A couple of articles appeared in the New York Times 9 Women on their experiences with antidepressants andThinking Beyond the ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory of Depression.  These articles highlight that antidepressants are really only a piece of the puzzle.  Few people suffer from truly congenital deficiencies in serotonin.  While I know from personal experience they can help severe depression, there are very few stories of people moving on with a higher quality of life without some sort of talk therapy.  If you want to move on beyond just medicating there are some things we should talk about.


Is there an upside to feeling down?

An article from the British Psychological Society explains how feeling bad isn’t so bad  There was a time that I would let a down day start a spiral of negativity that could get out of control.   When we focus on what is going wrong we seem to draw further calamity toward us.   There are ways to make more of your bad feelings not so bad, or so frequent.

Uncontrollable Thoughts

Uncontrollable thoughts can just be annoying or make you miserable.  As this article from the British Psychological Society describes, we are able to stop ourselves from thinking, but there isn’t much help on exactly how to do that.   We have techniques that take just minutes that give you the ability to interrupt the cycle of recurring thoughts.